Custom Design

Our Custom Design Team may help you out with your Wedding or Event depending on the package you choose. Our designers are degree holding graphic designers, and can help pick the perfect font, colors, or background for your custom design.

Custom Design To Add A Personal Touch And Match Your Theme

Which Packages Come With Custom Design

Luxury Photo Booth

Our Luxury Photo Booth package for Weddings and Events comes with a Custom Designed logo. For weddings this is often the couples names and wedding date, but you can use your imagination. For School, Corporate, or Private events we often work with you to get the theme and build a design from there.

Because of the printout size for these logos it is recommended to keep them fairly simple to aid legibility.

Add your logo, a photo, or something else to make sure your printouts have a personal touch that  makes them the perfect keep sake.

Custom Gobo

If you order a Custom Gobo for your Wedding or Event, our Custom Design team will be happy to help you get the perfect monogram. Again, because of the size of the Gobo Plate your logo will be cut from our team will aid you in getting a perfect design, while still keeping it simple enough to be legible.

For weddings most couples like to display their initials and the date, but we have done many creative messaging themes with Custom Gobos for weddings as well. For School, Corporate, and Private events, the most common cut out is a copy of the Company or School Logo.