The Peaks ProEvent Services team offers Premier & Professional DJ Services to Flagstaff, Prescott, Sedona, and the entire state of Arizona. Whether you are looking for DJ Services for your wedding, school dance, college or greek life social or party, corporate event, special event, or anything else that needs a skilled and professional DJ & MC, Peaks ProEvent Services can make your event a success.


Event Lighting

Peaks ProEvent Services is not a one man operation. We take pride in being an amazing and cohesive team. Our DJs and Photographers all share knowledge, and train each other to be the best at what they do. You will most likely start off talking to the Manager or Event Coordinator, and then be put in touch with your specially chosen DJ or Photographer. Go meet them.


DJ Options

We have DJ options. It is very important that we preface with the fact that all of our DJs receive the same training, and are all experts in multiple musical genres. If they aren’t familiar with some of the music you need for your wedding, they will do hours of research to get familiar.

We have female and male DJs. If you have a specific preference for the type of DJ at your event, the good news is we have options. We know that sometimes this is important, so just ask.

Free Consultation

We always offer a free consultation if you have questions about our services. Just reach out to our manager Bear Cole at and setup a good time for your consultation. You can also call in during our normal business hours M-F 10am-5pm if you prefer that over email.


If you book one of our DJs for your event you will be introduced. They will be available to help you go over playlists, timeline, and anouncments for the event. They will also discuss important logistical elements with you. For example: where to place the DJ table, when should you have the first dance, and is there power available.

For a wedding, you will meet with your DJ an average of 3 times before the day of the wedding. For other events you will be introduced, and will have contact information for your DJ, so you can decide to meet with them, or if it easier to share information another way.

We have also setup meetings with many student councils at the schools we service. This way the students can meet the DJ and ask questions. This also allows us to explain how things work on our end, and the easiest way to share playlists and information.

100% Customizable

The music and package for your event is 100% customizable. This is an important distinction between our services and most of our competitors. You can choose every artist and song, or share your preferences so your DJ can build off of your tastes. You can even choose different playlists or musical themes for different times or sections of your event.

No genre is out of reach or frowned upon. We have played events with nearly every genre popular in the USA, but also international themed events with very particular playlists of music from different countries like India, Albania, Germany, and Nigeria.

We have a huge catalogue of music, but if we don’t have it we will get it! We prefer to have all the music for your event a week out if possible. This gives us time to research your tastes and purchase any of your requests we don’t already own. Due to performance laws, we make sure we own the rights to every song we play live at an event. This mean if you get it to us before your event, we guaranty we will have it specially organized and ready in our music library.


We love to take requests. Requests are an important part of reading and understanding your crowd. For Weddings we will provide a Do Not Play and Play Only If Requested section on our Online Wedding Planner. This way we don’t play that song you absolutely don’t want to hear at your wedding. For other events like School Dances, we make sure that everything we play is appropriate to the event and audience.

Appropriate Requests

One important thing to remember about requests is that we do train our DJs to use their best discretion. This means if a guest at your event requests something inappropriate or incompatible with your event or theme our DJs will politely let them know that we can’t or won’t play it. Also, we train our DJs to read the crowd and choose the best time to play a request. This means it might not always be the next song played, but we will always do whatever we can to get it mixed in.

Downloading Requests

The last thing we like to remind people is that if we receive a request for a song we don’t have, we will absolutely do our best to download it and play it. However, this is another occasion where our DJs are trained to use their best judgement. We provide Hotspots in every DJ kit, and often have access to WiFi. However, getting a song downloaded and into our library is not always a quick procedure.

If your DJ feels like trying to download a single request is taking them away from interacting with your guests and playing the best set possible, they may use their judgement and decide not to play it. It’s all about using good judgement, and measuring the importance of a single request versus the success of the event as a whole.

Professional DJ & MC Services

All of Our DJs are experienced professionals. We take our role as entertainers seriously. As your DJ and MC we have an important role in providing the right type of energy for your event. It is important we keep the music and announcements appropriate to your event and the type of attendees.

We are members of multiple groups that help us keep our music clean and appropriate when needed. We also watch the energy and type of event we are working to decide if we should be center stage, or let you take the role of star. Sometimes it is more appropriate to stay in the background, but others you need us to take charge and get your crowd going!