DJ Services Question and Answer

This DJ Services Question & Answer is setup to answer some of the main questions we are asked, and the questions we are asked most often. If you have a question that isn’t answered here, please reach out through our contact form and ask.

Q. What kind of music do you play?

A. We provide completely customizable entertainment. Our DJs are expected to have knowledge of and keep up with multiple genres of music. We have played events that requested nothing but Latin, Country, Happy Hardcore, and Early Jazz. We meet with you to go over your tastes, and have you give us some examples of your favorite songs. If we need to we will research and purchase music just for your upcoming event. On the day of the event we model both our background and dance music off your direct input. You can choose every song and every artist for your event, or you can rely on our qualified DJs to build a comprehensive list based off of their meetings and information from you.

Q. Do I have to pay for travel, setup, or breakdown time?

A. You are not charged for anything other than performance time and equipment. We charge an hourly rate for performance time only. You are not charged for travel time, setup, or breakdown.

Q. Do I have to pay for consultation time with my DJ?

A. No. Once you have paid your deposit you will meet with your DJ. We prefer to meet face to face, but if that won’t work we will setup a Video or Phone Call. You have unlimited time to work with your DJ on the music, announcements, and timeline for your event.

Q. How does the process work?

A. Once you are ready to book we will send you an estimate of cost. Once this estimate is approved we will invoice you for your deposit. Once the deposit is paid we confirm your date on our calendar and work to book your DJ. We will also send you some contracts and planning forms. Once your DJ is booked we put them in touch with you. They work with you up to the day of the event on the music and announcements. The remainder of your payment is due on or before the day of your Wedding or Event. If you are booking for a school or organization with formal rules for invoicing and accounting, we are always willing to work with you on the process.

Q. How much will my deposit be?

A. We require 50% of the event booking rate to guarantee our services on the day of your event. As soon as you pay your deposit we are dedicated to providing you with our services on that day, and Peaks Pro Djs never double book so you’ll never have to worry about a rushed or unprepared DJ. Remember you have to pay the deposit amount in order to hold he date on our calendar. It is always a good idea to pay your deposit quickly, as some dates can fill up quickly. The remaining 50% is due on or before the day of your Wedding or Event. If you are booking for a school or organization with formal rules for invoicing and accounting, we are always willing to work with you on the process.

Q. How far in advance should I book with Peaks Pro?

A. While we will never put any pressure on you to book with us, our dates generally fill up around six months in advance and as such we encourage you to secure your date as soon as you know you’re ready to move forward. Have any questions or concerns? Feel free to give us a call as we are always open to discussing your options and giving you more information. Accommodating your needs is our top priority so don’t be shy if something is holding you back.

Q. What makes Peaks Pro DJs better?

A. In addition to providing great music, Peaks Pro Djs bring with them an attitude of pure professionalism. Any Dj you book with Peaks Pro will come dressed to the occasion with a clean setup and arrangement to match. All the sound and lighting will be tested well in advance of the event so no technical issues will get in the way of your special event. In the event that anything does go wrong, Peaks Pro Djs always come equipped with backup gear to minimize any hiccups. Most importantly with a Peaks Pro DJ you can count on a super friendly, you first approach throughout the planning process and the entire event. We will gladly go the extra mile for you and understand that some events are truly once in a lifetime.

Q. What is the benefit of hiring a trained MC?

A. Planning an event is hard enough, making sure it all goes according to plan on the day of can be exhausting and take away from your fun. Having an experienced Master of Ceremonies on hand ensures that your schedule will be executed exactly how you envisioned while also enabling you to focus on having a good time. Peaks Pro Djs consult with you in advance on your entire timeline, and as trained MC’s have no problem highlighting the special moments and keeping your guests where you want them throughout the event. With great music as a background, let us shine the spotlight on you and keep your experience worry free.

Q: Do you take requests?

A: Crowd engagement is our number one priority, and a great way to get people involved is to take their musical requests. By getting a do not play list from you in advance we try to keep the requests we play as much in line with your music expectations as possible, and it is never a problem for you to give us additional input during the event.

Q. Why are some DJs way more expensive than others?

A. This is a great question. There is probably more that goes into the process of pulling off a great Wedding or Event than most people would think of, unless they work in the industry. We are a full time Wedding & Events company. Our main staff is in the office full time. This is not a weekend hobby.

A DJ can’t just come day of, plug things in, and create a successful event. All of our DJs are professionals, and many have had resident spots at clubs, bars, and even on tours. All of us who have, can tell you that Weddings & Events require a completely different set of skills and abilities. Here is why some DJs charge more than others.

  1. Planning Time – We offer time with our Wedding & Events Manager and Coordinator and unlimited time with you DJ to plan before the event. We also have helpful lists and documents we provide at no cost. Not all DJs offer this.
  2. Insurance – We carry the right insurance for any size of event. This means you can trust us to make sure not only is our gear and your venue covered. Your guests are covered as well.
  3. Tools – We have a complete set of online tools, as well as internal software to organize and plan events. No notepads or unorganized excel sheets here. We give you and our DJs access to multiple professional planning tools, to make sure things are organized and saved.
  4. Music Library – Some DJs just bring the library they already have. We purchase every song you ask for if it is not already in our library. We also bring a Mobile Hotspot to your event so we can download as many requests as possible. Our library is extensive so we don’t use this often, but we have it in case.
  5. Gear – We have professional equipment. We also have a full staff of Quality Control Technicians that check your gear before it goes out on any event. Some DJs just have a stack of stuff in their garage.
  6. Training – We attend conferences and take classes. We have monthly trainings on everything from Speaker Placement to Professional Etiquette. We aren’t just guys that play songs. We are professionals.
  7. MC Skills – Not every DJ is an MC and understands the important timeline events that will happen during your Wedding or Event. We take pride in helping to keep your guests informed, on track, and engaged.
  8. Professional Record Keeping and Billing – We are a full scale operation with professional contracts, billing software, and insurance coverage. You can always rest assured that you are covered in the event of an oversight or accident. We have a payments and accounts department that is always available to help you with invoices and payments.

These are just some of the reasons DJs charge different amounts. In any case the saying holds true, “You get what you pay for.”