Start Your Dance Floor Off Right With Our Secret Weapon

Start your dance floor off right with our secret weapon. Sometimes it just takes a little push to get everyone warmed up and ready to dance. Our secret weapon is the perfect way to start your dance floor off right, and get the party started. Skip the cheesy Wedding & Event DJ antics, and use a personalized technique that your guests will remember for forever.

Sometimes you need to let your guests know when It’s time to dance!


The DJ’s Important Job

I ask couples all the time, “What is the main thing you need from me as your Wedding DJ?” The answer I get the most is not surprising. Most often couples tell me, “We need you to make sure everybody dances and has fun!” That is probably what most people consider the DJ’s most important job.

My name is Bear Cole, and I have been DJing Weddings & Events for over two decades. I have a secret weapon I have been using for years, and it has been adopted by our whole team as the perfect way to get your dance floor started off right.

The Reality of Dancing

Some people just have dancing in their bones. Some people aren’t huge on dancing. Dancing is also a taxing physical activity, and if you don’t have good DJ of knowledge of cycling your dance floor you might wear everybody out before the party has even really started. Check out our article on the Reality of Dancing for more on this.

So What Is The Secret Weapon Already?

So you want to know what Peaks ProEvent Service’s Secret Weapon is? Of course you do. Before you can start your dance floor off right with our secret weapon, let us explain why we use it first, and then we will let you know what it is.


Our secret weapon is personalized to you as a couple, and the guests that have joined you at your wedding. A DJ just yelling into a microphone is annoying and cheesy. We know….we know….you need the party people out on the dance floor. You didn’t have to yell it twenty times DJ!

By giving our Secret Weapon a fun personal touch, we skip the cheese. We also allow you the opportunity to shout out some of the special guests who helped or traveled a long way to make it to your wedding.

Ice Breaker

Our Secret Weapon makes everybody dance, but doesn’t single a whole bunch of people out. It is a perfect ice breaker. Sometimes people don’t know when it is time to get out on the floor and dance. After entertaining countless weddings, I can tell you that without signifying to your guests that dinner, and toasts, and games, and family dances, and  whatever other events you had before are done, people can get confused.

Often times people want to dance, but they just don’t want to be the first people to go out on the dance floor. Our Secret Weapon brings everybody out on the dance floor together, to get it warmed up, and celebrate all together. Then the folks who really want to dance will stay out on the floor, and the others will retire back to their tables. However, for about 10 minutes are your guests were together.

The Dance Circle

Okay, I guess it is time to give away the secret. Our Secret Weapon is a Dance Circle! You know, kind of like the dance circle you would see at a dance battle. Here is how it works.

1. The Questions (in planning stage)

Our Dance Circle is the perfect way to start your dance floor off right. If you decide you want to add the dance circle to your wedding just let your DJ know. They will use one of your planning meetings to start working on the questions. We usually come up with about 10-12 questions total. The first couple are preset by your DJ to help your guests understand how the dance circle works.

Your DJ Will Ask You Questions First

This is where the personalization comes in. Your DJ needs to understand you and your guests. Below are some examples of questions your DJ will ask you.

  1. Are there any big groups of people traveling from the same place?
  2. Will there be a lot of people from either of your home towns?
  3. Where either of you part of a group or organization, or worked somewhere with a good amount of the guests attending?
  4. Did a large amount of your guests go to the same school as you? Elementary? Middle? High School? College?
  5. If either of you where part of the armed forces, your DJ will want to know which branch, and if a good amount of other people from that branch are attending your wedding.
  6. What age groups will be there? Lots of kids? Lots of people 20-30, 30-40, over 70?
  7. Is there any individual or group of people you really want to thank or shout out at your wedding?

These are just some examples, but you can see where we are going with our questions. As your DJ, in order to make the Dance Circle a success we need to know who will be at your wedding.


1. Gather Round

First, to transition from the lead up music we call ALL OF YOUR GUESTS out to the dance floor. We let them know that it is time to help the couple celebrate with something special and celebratory.

2. The Rules

Once we get the majority of your guests heading towards the dance floor we will explain the rules. The rules go something like this.

  1. I (The DJ) will be asking a series of questions. If your answer to the question I ask is yes, I need you to head into the center of the circle and dance. If you are on the outside of the circle I need you to cheer on everyone that is dancing in the center.
  2. You will be participating in a dance battle! When it is your turn to head to the center of the circle we need you to turn it up and show everyone your best moves!
  3. Once I call out a new question, if you are in the center of the circle but your answer to the question is no – please head back to the outside circle and cheer on everyone dancing.
  4. It is required that all of us have fun, and help Brad & Jenny our beautiful couple celebrate their brand new marriage!

3. Let’s Get Started!

Your DJ will have a list of 3-4 pre-chosen songs that they know will work well for the Dance Circle. They will hit the first song and let it play for just a few seconds so people can get ready. Once your DJ knows it is time they will start with the questions. I am going to post an example of questions below. Remember, everyone is in a big circle around the dance floor, and only if your answer to the question is yes do you head to the center and DANCE!

Question Examples

  1. If you got married today I need you in the center of the circle! Once again did you get married today?
  2. Are you part of the Bride’s Family? Let’s see what you guys have got!
  3. Are you part of the Groom’s Family? Can you guys show the Bride’s Family how it’s done?
  4. Are you part of the Bridal Party? Come on all the Bridesmaids, Groomsmen, Best Man, Maid of Honor. Let’s Dance!
  5. Okay guys, if your name is Uncle Billy, that’s right if you are Jenny’s Uncle Billy get to the center of the circle! Brad & Jenny want to thank you so much for all your help with the wedding venue. Everybody make some noise for Jenny’s Uncle Billy!
  6. Alright, let’s get back to the dance battle folks. If you went to University of Arizona with Brad get in the circle! It is time to Bear Down and show them how Wildcats Dance!
  7. Okay all you Wildcats get out of the way. Let’s see what our next group has on the floor. If you worked at Techinomics with Jenny let’s get you out on the dance floor!
  8. Okay, let’s really get this battle going. If you are under the age of 18. Once again are you under the age of 18 years old? Get in the circle.
  9. Okay….Okay…..If you are between 18 and 35 years old, let’s see those dance moves!
  10. Alright now let’s see some real dancing. If you are over 35, once again if you are 35 or older let’s see those dance moves. Show these youngsters how we do it!
  11. Okay, we have one more special group. There are a good amount of you that traveled all the way from Poland to be here. If you are from Poland, let’s get you guys out on the dance floor and show how you guys do it where you come from.

Start Your Dance Floor Off Right

Above is just a list of example questions. In between asking questions your DJ will be switching songs to get your dance floor started off right with our secret weapon dance circle. You can see how by asking questions, your DJ is able to personalize the questions to your guests. If you plan the right questions with your DJ before hand the dance circle is not only a great way to break the ice, it is also a great way to give your guests some special thank you’s and attention.

Now that everyone has had some fun, gotten over those dancing nerves, and seen all the other guests dance, your dance floor will stay busier for the rest of the night. Everybody knows it is time to dance, and none of your guests are shy or confused. Don’t forget, if you want to use our Secret Weapon Dance Circle at your wedding, all you have to do is book the right package, and let your DJ know you want to add this fun event.


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