How Does Wedding Billing Work?

We Get It, This Is One of The Most Important Questions Before You Decide to Use Our Services

Below is a timeline chart to help explain how our Wedding Billing works. Please read through it to get a better understanding. Basically, there is a 50% deposit to hold and confirm your date on our calendar. The remainder and any additional services you add are due 2 weeks before your wedding. Still have questions? Contact Us right now to ask.

Wedding Billing Timeline

  • First Contact

    Information Gathering

    We need to get as much information as possible from you, to make sure we are available, and can build an accurate estimate for your wedding.

  • Your Estimate

    We Send You An Estimate of Cost

    Once we have all the necessary information, we send you an estimate (usually via email). We need you to approve this estimate, so we can generate your invoices and get you confirmed.

    Your Estimate

  • Deposit Invoice

    This Holds & Confirms Your Wedding On Our Calendar

    Once you approve your estimate, we generate two equal 50% invoices. The 1st 50% is your deposit, and is due ASAP so we can hold and confirm your wedding on our calendar.

  • Online Wedding Planner & Forms

    It’s time to start the real planning

    We will send over your online wedding planner, and any other necessary forms. This online wedding planner is how we get all the information for your songs, announcements, events, and timeline. Additional forms will be shared if needed.

    Online Wedding Planner & Forms

  • Introductions

    We Introduce You To Your DJ & Other Event Professionals

    Soon after you receive your Online Wedding Planner we introduce you to your DJ, Photo Booth Operator, or other

    Event Professionals. You guys will have meetings to discuss your wedding, what you envision, and how we can make it amazing!

  • Check In Meeting

    Let’s Make Sure Everything is Checked, and There is Nothing That Has Changed.

    Your DJ or Photo Booth Operator will reach out about 2 weeks to a month before the wedding to make sure we have everything we need, and nothing has changed since the last time you spoke.

    Check In Meeting

  • Remainder Invoice

    The 2nd 50% Payment is Due 2 Weeks Before Your Wedding

    Your Remainder Invoice is sent out at the same time as your Deposit Invoice, so you will have it in your email. We can use this invoice to add or remove time or equipment, but it is due 2 weeks before your wedding date.

  • Your Wedding!

    It’s Time For You To Celebrate!

    Your DJ and Wedding Professionals will have met with you multiple times, all the songs are planned, the timeline is perfect, and it is time to celebrate! Let’s Have Some Fun!

    Your Wedding!