Wedding Slideshow

Add A Personal Touch

Why A Slideshow?

A Wedding Slideshow is a great way to add some nostalgia and flash to your wedding day. Here are some ways guests have used our Wedding Slideshow Package in the past.

  • Show a looping slideshow of the Bride & Groom from the time they met to the engagement. Show photos of the couples life together before the wedding.
  • Show a looping video of photos from the engagement itself. If you captured photos of the engagement, this is a great way to show that special day.
  • Create a funny slideshow for your guests, thanking them for coming. Some couples have gone as far as full costumes and professional captions thanking their guests for being at their wedding as they arrive to the venue.

As you can see, a Wedding Slideshow can be the perfect way to add that personal touch to your wedding venue.

What Is Included?

  • Projector & Screen or 55″ TV
  • Laptop
  • TV Stand or Cart
  • Necessary Cabling

Projector or TV?

We can help give you advise about which option is better, but in the end it is your preference. Some important things to think about.

  1. Is there room for a projector and screen. The projector will need to be placed a distance away from the screen to focus, and anyone walking in front of it will cast a shadow. A TV is definitely recommended for tight spaces or slideshows with a guest book or table where there will be lots of guest traffic.
  2. What is the lighting like near the slideshow. A low light space is better for a projector.
  3. Power. It is important to keep in mind how we can get to a nearby power source to run power for the Projector or TV and Laptop.

You Provide The Slideshow

This package provides the necessary equipment to show a slideshow for your guests. However, we do not make or provide the slideshow itself. You will need to provide a slideshow file so that we can set it up to play from our Laptop onto the screen.