Wedding DJ Pricing

Start With One Of These Wedding DJ Options.

How Does The Wedding DJ Pricing Work?


Our wedding DJ pricing is setup with options and packages to help keep things easy for you to customize what you want to your needs. Any of the options above will work as a stand alone for a great wedding, but if you want to add more, click one of the options below.

Scroll down to compare our your Wedding DJ Options. If these options don’t meet your needs click one of the buttons below to add some amazing entertainment extras! Get a Wedding Package to Bundle our Services.

You May Want To Add A DJ Assistant Or Ceremony Kit To Your Wedding

Ceremony Kit
Starting at
Add A Sound System, DJ Team, & Mics for your Ceremony
Let Us Make Sure Your Ceremony Is Perfect
Ceremony Sound System
2 Wireless Combo Microphones
DJ Team
Seating and Ceremony Music
More Info
DJ Assistant
Starting at
Have a DJ Team At Your Wedding
Your Main DJ & DJ Assistant Work Together To Make Sure Things Go Smoothly
DJ Assistant
More Info


No Problem!  Would like your Peaks Pro DJ to play music for your guests while they are being seated?  Maybe you need your Wedding DJ to play the music while you and your friends and family walk down the aisle? Not only can we do that, but your DJ will also hook up a completely separate sound system at your ceremony complete with Wireless Microphones to make sure everyone can hear the officiant and the vows.

If you need your DJ at the Ceremony & Reception, you have two options. Your first option is to add a Ceremony Kit. Learn more about the Ceremony Kit by clicking the button below. Your second option is to add a Wedding Package. Click the Button for Wedding Packages below.  All Wedding Packages come with a Ceremony Kit Included! Click Here to read an article about the advantages to having a DJ at Your Wedding Ceremony.


More often than not a wedding would seriously benefit from a DJ Team, instead of just one DJ. We send a DJ Team to virtually any wedding with a Ceremony & Reception because we understand the logistics it takes to make sure both go smoothly. We still think it is valuable to many weddings to have the choice to add a DJ Assistant and use a DJ Team. Even weddings that are just using us for the reception experience a smoother celebration with the help of two Wedding Professionals.

Our Wedding Packages Take The Guess Work Out Of  A Perfect Wedding

We know what our couples and customers ask for most often, and these packages fit the bill for any beautiful wedding. As the premier providers of DJ Entertainment for Weddings and Events in Flagstaff, Sedona, Prescott, Northern Arizona and all over the entire state, we don’t want people to get confused and think that is all that we do. We can provide a full DJ / MC, Photo Booth, Slideshow, and Lighting Experience to set the mood for celebration and absolutely blow your guests away!

Which Package Is Right For You?

Let’s take a closer look at the packages. We will give you a simplified explanation of each so you can decide which one fits you and your dream wedding perfectly.

  • Basic

    Our Basic Wedding Package is perfect for couples that just need a DJ at their reception. It includes everything you need to get through Grande Intros, Dinner, Toasts, Cake Cutting, Bouquet Toss, or any other events you have at your reception. The sound system is ample, but does not include a subwoofer. The Basic package includes 1 Wireless Handheld Microphone. This package does not include any lighting. If you think you need some lighting, the Elegant or Elite package would be perfect. You can also check our Wedding Extras section for more lighting ideas.

  • Elegant

    The Peaks ProEvent Services Elegant DJ Package is the most popular reception only package. If you need a DJ at your reception to get the party going, and help you keep things on track, this package is the way to go. This includes the Elite Audio Package, which adds a subwoofer and microphone. It also comes with Dance Floor Lighting to get your family and friends out on the Dance Floor!

  • Elite

    The Elite DJ Package is perfect for couples that would like their DJ at the Ceremony & Reception. It includes a Ceremony Kit and DJ Team. This gives you 2 Wedding Professionals at your wedding to keep things on time and running smoothly. Make sure you check out our Wedding Packages as well if you are looking for a full service experience complete with everything you need.

Pick the Perfect Package For You

Common Questions

Below we have some commonly asked questions about our Wedding Packages, and their answers.

What If My Wedding Will Last Longer Than The Time Frame Shown?

All of our packages come with “up to” a certain amount of hours. Don’t worry though, if your wedding will be longer than that time frame, you don’t need to move up to the next package. Just let us know the start and end times for your wedding, and we will add the additional time at our current hourly rate by season. You can add these details to your Wedding Enquiry and we will change your estimate accordingly.

What If I Want To Upgrade Part Of My Package?

Go For It! Just let us know what you want. As an example, if you are doing a Reception Only wedding, but still want additional uplights and a DJ Team, add it to the notes in your wedding enquiry and we will change your estimate accordingly. As another example, if you want to book the Premium Wedding Package, but you want the added benefits and value of the Luxury Photo Booth instead of the Premium Photo Booth, just let us know. We can adjust the package price for your estimate.

What Do You Mean By DJ Team?

2 Event Experts is better than 1! Not only will you have a Professional Wedding DJ & MC at your wedding, you will also have a DJ Assistant. Most of our assistants are DJs or Event Professionals as well, which means they will help make everything go smoothly. From interacting with your guests, to releasing tables, taking requests, moving equipment, making announcements, and whatever else is needed to take the stress off of you on your wedding day. Want to learn more about why having a DJ Team is so important? Learn More Here.