Why Should I Use My DJ At My Wedding Ceremony?

You have way more important things to worry about during your wedding ceremony than songs and microphones.


Wedding Ceremony DJ

There are many advantages to having a DJ at your wedding ceremony. A DJ can make sure to play the exact songs you want for each moment, and provide the necessary equipment to amplify the officiant and your vows so everyone can hear.

Having a DJ at your wedding ceremony helps take the stress off of you, your friends, or family members, and puts an expert in charge of making the music and audio for your ceremony perfect.

What Does A DJ Do At A Wedding Ceremony?

We can’t speak for every DJ out there. However, when it comes to Peaks ProEvent Services DJs, we do many things to help your ceremony go off without a hitch. Get it? A hitch?…..Okay sorry, no more bad wedding jokes, we promise.

Your Peaks ProEvent Services Wedding DJ meets with you multiple times before your wedding. If you have booked a package that includes ceremony & reception, the DJ will add all of these details to the music and timeline planning. They will give you helpful advice and recommendations from some of their past experiences. Our main goal with your ceremony is to make it all about you and your dreams.

Your DJ will plan with you, play the seating music, play all songs during the ceremony, run microphones for the officiant and your vows, help with audio for other live performers or musicians, and make announcements.

I Want Live Music At My Ceremony

No Problem! We have had our DJs work in unison with everything from acoustic guitar, to string quartets, and Opera sextets. Here are some things many people forget about when having live music at their ceremony.

  • Do they have their own equipment, including microphones?
  • Where will you fit the 5 piece band your cousin plays in?
  • Will you want them playing all the music for your ceremony? Including seating, processional, bridal march, unity or any other ceremony, and the recessional?
  • Is your ceremony outside or somewhere that could be open to inclement weather?

These are just a few things to think about when booking entertainment for your ceremony. Let us run through that list to point out some of the advantages to having a DJ at your ceremony.

  • We bring a separate sound system, wireless microphones, and an audio mixer to every ceremony. This means you will have great sound. We can also plug musicians into our mixer, and even send out a feed from the microphones for your videographer if needed.
  • Our setup is non obtrusive, and we don’t have to be right near your guests for them to hear us.
  • We can play all of the music, including seating, and every step of your ceremony 100% customized to your exact tastes. We can also easily work with other musicians or acts, to help fill in what is needed.
  • We always bring our own weather proofing to any event that is not indoors. This means you don’t have to worry about no music at your ceremony or holding it off just because of a light drizzle.

Having a DJ in control of music and audio for your ceremony puts an experience expert in charge, so you and your friends and family can enjoy the experience.


I Want A Live Performer But Need Equipment

We have had lots of weddings where there will be a live musician or performer during the ceremony, but they are unable to bring their own equipment. Maybe they had to travel to the venue, or maybe they just don’t have it. We can help.

Let us know if you have a live performer and need equipment. We can provide just about anything your musicians or performer may need, and would love to help you build a live sound package. We can even provide your DJ or a sound engineer to run sound for the performers during your ceremony. This goes for bands or performers at your reception as well.

Please mention this, and get us as much detail as you can about the group and performance so we can help you build the perfect audio package.

One Huge Added Benefit To Our Ceremony DJ Kit

Your wedding ceremony is extremely important! We also only get one try to make it perfect. For this reason, we always provide a DJ Team any time we have a DJ working your Ceremony & Reception. This means you will have a Main DJ and a DJ Assistant there at your ceremony & reception to assist.

The DJ Assistant will help with equipment and work as a runner during your ceremony to make sure everything goes smoothly. They will also be there throughout the entire wedding to assist your guests and your DJ, and add an extra element of stress free professional assistance at your celebration.

I’m Lost-I Don’t Even Know What To Do

If you feel a little lost, and you are just not sure what to do at your ceremony, having a DJ at your wedding ceremony is a great idea. Why is that you ask? Well, because our wedding DJs understand the traditions of wedding ceremonies and are always willing to give helpful recommendations on timeline and music selection.

Don’t want to go traditional? No problem! Our DJs can customize the music and performance of your wedding however you would like. You can base the ceremony on a fun theme, or keep it elegant and romantic.

Your DJ is there to make sure everything is heard, the music is timed perfectly, and you can just relax and enjoy your beautiful wedding ceremony.

What do I have to do to get a DJ at my wedding ceremony?

It is really simple. When you choose your Peaks ProEvent Wedding Package, just make sure you choose one that includes Ceremony & Reception. This means you get everything you need and we need to run your Ceremony. If you want a package that doesn’t include ceremony, you can simply at a Ceremony Kit to it. This gives you the needed gear and team to work the ceremony as well.